An act of deliberate collective learning

The book is available on Leanpub (PDF, EPub and Mobi).
It's not finished, but there's already enough content to help explorers and practitioners.

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Paper version will follow

Completion state

The book is still under active writing, on leanpub.

Is it complete?
No. There's still fixmes and incomplete chapters.

Is it worth the price?
Big Picture Mechanics are pretty much covered, while Process Design and Software Design are still fare from complete. However, the price is reflecting the completion state.

Alberto Brandolini

EventStorming Creator, author of the book Introducing EventStorming - An act of deliberate collective learning and Founder of Avanscoperta, Alberto Brandolini is a 360° consultant in the Information Technology field.

Asserting that problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that originated them, Alberto switches perspective frequently assuming the architect, mentor, coach, manager or developer point of view.

He's a frequent speaker in software development related conferences in Italy and across Europe, since rumors spread about his funny attitude.

Besides consulting and running Avanscoperta, he's also a trainer for UK based company Skills Matters where he teaches Domain-Driven Design.

He's also the founder of the Italian Domain-Driven Design community and of the Italian Stoos Satellite, and actively participates in debates about agile software development, lean management and new ways for entrepreneurship and collaboration.

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